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We understand the current situation that is going on is going to make it a challenge in the years to come that people today will want to see more online. There will always be competition, but you are not always going to be able to do that in person anymore. So welcome to the new world, the new world is a virtual tour of your facility, store or office with highlighting videos that show off your staff, testimonials from your customers, show off items in your business. These video messages can be used on your Facebook, website and other social media to engage people to get to know your business!

The second part of this is combining all those videos into a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour that literally brings them from their computer into your place, finding out more information, getting to know who you are and your team. How do we do all this, we schedule a marketing meeting to find out what you want to highlight and the messages you want to get across. From there we determine your timelines and our marketing messages for the next quarter or year. This is an ongoing effort between us and you to help promote your place to people you are trying to target. Next is sitting down with you and giving you ideas and places that you can market to to generate more business. So you will always have an ongoing marketing message! This is long term marketing not short-term thinking. A virtual tour, just a virtual tour will not make your business successful it is all the marketing pieces that go with it.
This is an interactive 3D Tour to engage new and old customers, it is for engaging people to get know who you are, and it is going to be harder now than it ever has been before. We are here to help, bottom line that is what we are here for and we have been doing this for 30 years! “The Marketing Pros”

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